Sero's Recycling Scheme

We are working with Terracycle to ensure we can give our customers access to responsible recycling solutions for items not accepted in household recycling.

Drop your items to us in-store and we'll make sure they get to the right place!

*We can only accept completely empty, clean items. 
*As we operate out of a small space we ask our customers to bring no more than one bag of recyclables per visit to us 

Accepted items:


  • All Babybel® packaging
  • All other cheese packaging
  • Plastic chocolate and sweets packaging
  • All flexible plastic ring carriers used to hold cans
  • Crisp Packets
  • Bread Bags
  • Ferrero Rocher packaging
  • Pet food packaging
  • Biscuit, cake and cracker wraps
  • Pringles packaging
  • Coffee pods

Personal Care

  • Baylis and Harding packaging
  • Containers for creams, ointments and moisturiser
  • Pumps and trigger sprays
  • Make up containers (includes eye shadow, lipstick, highlighter, blusher and bronzer, mascara)
  • Hair colour kits (not the cardboard or plastic bottle)
  • Roll on deodorant
  • All Carex packaging
  • Electric toothbrush heads and covers
  • Flossing sticks and interdental brushes
  • Electric flosser nozzles
  • Dental floss containers and packaging
  • Toothpaste tubes, caps and cartons
  • Plastic toothbrushes and outer packaging
  • Soft, disposable contact lenses (daily, 2-weekly and monthly)
  • Foil from the contact lens blister packaging


  • All Marigold® gloves and packaging
  • Vanish, Finish, Dettol:
    - Fragrance twin pack plastic sleeves
    - Flexible cleaning product refill packaging
    - Flexible home cleaning wipe packaging and freshener
    - Dishwasher cleaner outer packaging
    - Flexible plastic dishwashing salt bags
    - Foil inside dishwasher protector
    - Flexible stain remover powder packaging
    - Flexible dishwashing tablet packaging
    - Outer plastic sleeve
  • Plastic air freshener containers
  • Flexible dishwasher tablets packaging
  • Tinted fabric conditioner bottles and caps
  • Flexible laundry washing capsules and pods packaging
  • Plastic car air fresheners (except electric plug-ins)
  • Plastic air freshener cartridge caps
  • Flexible wipe packaging used for home cleaning
  • Tinted rigid plastic tubs used for home cleaning


  • Pens, markers, fluid pots and highlighters
  • All Hasbro toys and games